Sunday, 10 January 2016

Welcome Back to Nevis!

Well everyone, vacation is over! Back to reality we go. Except reality for me is hopping on a plane at 6 am and flying to a small island somewhere in the Caribbean. 
We made it back to the island safely. Although, we had one of the toughest trips ever travelling back. Now Kyle is much more experienced in traveling than I, but even he said it was some of the worst turbulence he has ever felt. I felt so nauseous, and even Kyle threw up a little bit. But that was more due to the fact the guy beside us was going to toss his cookies, and had some nasty smelling bagel in his seat, and Kyle was suffering from a terrible migraine. Plus there was a set of screaming 15 month old twins in front of us. It just was not a good time. We were delayed leaving, which would have been okay except we had to wait on the tarmac for an extra hour. 
Once we landed, things were a little confusing with our taxi because unlike us, some people were not prepared and did not book a taxi. They just assumed they could hop in our ride. So that lead to more waiting around. We finally made it across by water taxi, and got to our apartment. Now we are supposed to be moving upstairs, and we told our landlord when we were coming back, and that we would pack up all of our stuff and move it ourselves. We had already helped the new tenant who was moving into our old place mover her stuff. We show up and there was no key left for our new place. We called the landlord and it turns out she is in our old place cleaning. It was such a mess of things. She was taking our stuff out of cupboards and throwing it in bags, and our new place hadn't even been cleaned yet. It was so dusty!! So many ants! All around filthy! So we couldn't exactly move in, and we couldn't exactly hang out in our old place. Kyle and I did our best to remain calm and be patient. The landlord was very apologetic and started cleaning our new place right away. It took a few hours and we were behind schedule of how we wanted to unpack. However, we managed to make it through. We were hoping to have settled in the day we flew in but it didn't happen. So most of our unpacking had to happen the next day, and then I was back at work. Except, we had no car. It was still being fixed. Although it sounded more like the car just sat at our mechanics house until Kyle called to ask if it was ready. So all this week I have been busing it to work. We just got the car back on Friday, and at least we can steer it better and the breaks don't squeak. So we are settled back in. Kyle got right into classes, he has a busy schedule this semester. In class from 8-5. It's a long day for him this time. Our apartment is much better though! We set up new lights so I can see the dishes now. We got rid of the ants, and we have more space. It is also much cooler up here because there are windows on all sides of the house. The best part...we can't hear the annoying frogs as much!!! 
I am pretty sure if the first couple days back were like this a year ago I would have had a way tougher time adjusting to this island life. However, we were able to just go with the flow here and on Monday our landlord stopped by unexpectedly and gave us a really nice fruit basket to say thank you for being so patient. Kyle and I were so overwhelmed, that was really nice of her. She apologized again, and said that she loves having us as tenants. So that was nice. 

Yesterday we spent some time at the beach with some friends, and today I went for a walk with a girl from work. I am actually glad to be back here. This past year has been crazy! I feel like this next year will go by quick also. I am still figuring out my job. Things are hopefully going to be different this term. However, there is still a lot of tension among the staff. So I am trying to feel that out. It's been a busy week already, and I can't believe we have already been back for a week! 

My online classes start up again tomorrow, so I will do my best to keep everyone updated as much as possible. 
I hope everyone is enjoying the new year so far and sticking with your resolutions!! ;) 

Part of the Golf Course at the Four Seasons