Sunday, 2 April 2017

How To Say Goodbye?

Well everyone, this is it...the last month we will be spending on Nevis! I cannot believe how time has flown by here. The amazing memories I have made since coming here nearly 2.5 years ago! A wild adventure indeed. Therefore, instead of writing a sappy post of how much I am actually going to miss this place, I thought I write a poem. I hope many of you will recognize the tune I had in mind. Enjoy!! 

This is the story all about how, my life got flipped turned upside down
I’d like to take a minute, just hear my strife,
I’ll tell how you how I survived Nevis, life as a wife

5 Years of marriage, making our way
When my husband says to me, hey I’d like a change
Packing our bags for medical school
We moved to an island, feeling so cool

Sun, sand and Soca were the ways of the island
I spent the first few months really just limin’

Time to get a job and work on my degree,
We ended up buying a junky SUV

Getting through premed was the aim,
Then it was time to step up our game

Started work in education, providing therapy
I began to understand Nevis history
Filling my days going from school to school,
Donkeys in the way was just the usual

Going to town, waiting in line for hours
Only to find, that there is no power

Missing our family, but not the cold
Going out on my own, I became more bold

Finding a new friend, we started to conquer our work
Weekends at the beach were a really nice perk

Volunteering with SO, coaching the kids to swim,
It was no wonder, I began to fit in

Hiking, swimming, working out,
The outdoors were my playground, without a doubt

But here we are, our time is done
I can’t believe, what we have overcome

Late night studying, hospital rotations,
It didn’t come easy, we had to be patient

Now it’s just about time, the final sunset upon us
It’s hard to say goodbye but we must continue our progress

Thank you to our friends and family for your continued support

We hope to see you at the Toronto airport!

The pictures below are from some of the best days I had on the island in the past 3 months. From limbo on the beach, to amazing sunsets, to going on my jogs with some awesome people, to hiking and helping out with Special Olympics, and getting up close with some monkeys! It's hard to say what I will miss the most here. I have made some amazing new friendships that I know we will stay in touch. However, I am ready to close this chapter and move on to the next. It's been fun Nevis!! Thank you!! #nevisnice