Saturday, 2 April 2016

Unintentionally Falling Off The Map

Hey everyone! 

First off I must apologize for temporarily falling off the map. It was not on purpose, trust me. I have been all over Nevis since stepping off the plane in January. This has been Kyle's busiest semester yet and I have just begun to master the juggling act of volunteering, working and studying. We have barely had time for ourselves and my toes haven't seen sand in weeks! I'm currently on Easter break from work for two weeks! So I have taken today to soak up some rays and blog. 
These days I have just been working and helping out with some events for Special Olympics. We had a fun run/walk back in February and last week there was the cross channel swim where we had a presence.  

At the start of the Fun Run/ Walk!

Here is the video from the event in February!

Apparently I was on the local news for an interview from the cross channel swim, but I don't have a video of that one. 
This is of all the swimmers getting ready for the start!

In April we have National Games, and I started a swim program here so we will be able to have some athletes compete in aquatics. Very exciting! 
This is a picture of some of the athletes who will be competing in the National Games. 

At the school, there has been non stop drama since January. I can't really get into all the details but let's just say close quarters with a lot of vocal women does not mix. I have tried my best to stay out of it however it somehow always finds me. One good thing is in recent weeks I have been able to spend time going to different preschools to see some kids instead of just staying on one site. So that opportunity has been awesome. People are starting to understand ABA and what my skills are. I'm looking forward to term 3, to be able to help these kids out. 
I'm working on my 6th course for my masters program and its a tough one. It has been hard to balance it but I'm trying. 

It is kind of crazy to think of where I was a year ago, and how when I'm out running errands or doing my daily routine it just seems so normal to me now. The average person may think it's weird to see goats on the road, or monkeys in trees, but now that is all just normal. Or having the grocery stores empty because it's a holiday or gas run out on the island. Nothing seems to phase me anymore. If I'm out exercising and catch a glimpse of the sunset, those are the moments where I stop and soak it in. Seeing daily rainbows and being able to look up into the night sky and see millions of stars, that is what I love most about being here. All that drama and annoyances about island living seem to slip way when you are surrounded by beauty. I was just talking to a friend of mine, and all though we miss home, it's all about making memories and just getting into the culture. 

We did have one interesting event happen recently,  somehow almost $9000 EC dollars was withdrawn from my bank account without my knowledge. First of all, I don't even have $9000!! But I must admit, I had a panic attack when I saw all the red numbers and thought we had been hacked, but Kyle remained very calm and we went to the bank and they sorted it out for us no problem. It seemed as though this kinda thing happens all the time because they didn't really question it, and the money was returned by the end of the day! Which totally surpassed the stereotypical island time! 
We did manage to get over to St. Kitts for the day a few weeks ago and see a movie. We also visited a site called Brimstone. For those history buffs like my husband, you would love it! It had quite an amazing view. 
Kyle only has about 2 more weeks for the semester and then he gets a break! We are actually going to go on a cruise. The irony of the whole thing is that one of the stops is St. Kitts! Ha! We were trying to avoid it, however it was out of our control. It will be nice to just lounge around, and I won't have to worry about cooking or cleaning for a week. Kyle will get to sleep and we can just relax. 
Other than that, life goes on. New students will be arriving next month, and one of them actually found my blog and has been asking me a bunch of questions about moving here. I'm glad I have been able to help her out! 
I don't feel as home sick as I thought I would this time around. September was worse I think. I feel bad for Kyle, he is going a little stir crazy with his classes and professors. It's hard because I can't do anything to make it easier for him. He still has to get up and get to class from 8-5 then come home and study. I'm not even home that much, and it sucks that he can't get out of the house more. But it is what it is, this is what he wants to do and I'm so proud of what he has accomplished. I know he can't see the finish line yet but it's there, just miles across the ocean ;) 

Anyway, that's all I have for now! We are still surviving on this rock! Thank you everyone for your continued support and prayers. Our families have been good at keeping us updated from people back home, we really appreciate it! 

Enjoy some more pictures below :) 

 These are all from Brimstone Hill on St.Kitts

I'm not too sure what this creature is, but I am definitely glad I did not step on it!