Sunday, 10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Well here we are: Another holiday being spent away from family!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! It is strange being away from home during all these holidays. I am still not used to it, but it just reminds me how thankful I am for technology! It also forces me to get a little bit more creative with gifts and such.

We are back in full routine on the island. Kyle back at school, I am actually working full time now. We had a nice time with friends and family visiting during the break. Some great adventures were had by all! With Kyle's friends here, Matt and Justin, we went back to the Source Hike and finished the journey! All the way to the top to a waterfall! It was intense, but it was awesome! We had to climb up a 150 foot ladder, that wasn't really attached to much. Definitely not sturdy, and the rungs were pretty rusted, but we did it! I am shocked that I went the whole way. The guys kept up a pretty fast pace, and I thought with all the running I do I would be able to keep up, but it is totally different doing it in the middle of the day, with no breeze, little water and uphill the entire journey. I don't think I have a fear of heights, but climbing up that ladder was kinda scary, I just remained calm and focused. Then I started to laugh and think I was on the Amazing Race again. Haha, Kyle was cheering me on from the top, and I was making sure not to fall.
These are some stairs we had to climb during the hike

Made it to the waterfall. It was pretty small, but worth it all the same!

This hermit crab we found! So cute, and huge!!!

Yay team!! A little sweaty, but we did it!!

We went to St.Kitts the next day, and this was a great view! Nevis is in the back, covered with clouds

We also went to St.Kitts again and saw the Avengers movie. So awesome!! However, we have definitely hit our budget for the month for entertainment. Two trips in April for St.Kitts really starts to wrack up the already huge amount of debt we have :P However, now that we are back into our routine I don't think we will be spending as much anymore...but Pitch Perfect 2 is coming..... :S

I can't believe that we are into our 5th month here! New students have arrived, and it reminds me how we felt when we started. Not knowing where to buy groceries, asking strangers for help. Now I am the expert! People are coming to me and asking for rides to the store, bus driver numbers, where to buy vegetables! It's crazy! I hope that I can help out the newbies as much as possible, and keeping in my mind that I was just as lost and confused as they were, and that there are no stupid questions when it comes to island living. Although, I did meet a guy this week who I think has been here for awhile and asked if I was a new neighbor, and I was like nope, been here since January, and he was like oh okay, I have never seen you before. I didn't think Kyle and I were big hermits! We have started hanging out with our neighbor more, it's great that he actually wants to go out and do stuff, and he is even running with me!

Now that I am working full time, life here is starting to feel very similar to life back home. Except dealing with the monkeys on the road, and getting to wear flip flops to work. It was pretty random how full time came up, they said it would be easier for paperwork...okay. Well I still have yet to sign any sort of contract or see a paycheck. Oh yes.. #islandtime
But I am still thankful that I get this opportunity. It truly makes me appreciate what I had back home. Towards the end of my work life in Canada, I started to feel a little stressed, and exhausted, and it felt very repetitive. I still loved the kids I worked with, but I did feel like I needed a change. Coming here, and seeing the lack of resources, it makes me miss my old job a lot. Where I didn't have to worry about grabbing bubbles, or a puzzle to do with the kids. It was all right there. Or being able to connect with the parents, and discuss strategies for their child. Now, I feel like I am doing many different roles at once. I feel like an Instructor Therapist, Senior Therapist, Classroom Teacher, Material Prep, Counselor and a Doctor! Trying to balance all these roles has been tough, and I almost feel unprepared for what the Principal expects out of me. My expertise is in autism and providing IBI therapy. Trying to do all these other roles, I am having to teach myself. I am glad I have made some great connections back home, and that they have been willing to help me out with my many questions on how to program for certain skills. But I wouldn't trade this experience for anything!

I am leaving for home in just over a month, and I am actually feeling a little torn up about it! Now that Kyle and I have been settling in; Nevis is home. We have friends here, I have a job here, the only thing missing is family. But with the way technology is, I still get to talk to them everyday. It will be actually bittersweet to leave here for a few months. It will be hard to be apart from Kyle for awhile, but I am hoping some of our friends will take care of him haha. (Make sure he eats) Don't get me wrong, I am excited to go home, I am just surprised that I actually feel sad to leave here for a bit. If I feel this way now, how am I going to handle leaving here for good??!!?! Oh boy...

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this mother's day! We love and miss you all!!

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