Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter from Nevis

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend! I heard my Canadian friends got some more snow this weekend. Well it has been nice and sunny here the last few days...rather everyday ;)

Some fun adventures have happened in the last few days. Last Wednesday was this Interprimary Day. It's like track and field day for all the schools. Except it's only track haha. But I decided to check it out, I met up with the principal of the school I'm helping with and she showed me the ropes. It was so fun!!! Anyone could come and watch, and it's a very big event. The banks and the grocery stores close early so parents can come and watch their kids. You can wear school colors and the energy in the stands was insane!!!! People really get into it; so awesome to see! There was a ton of people, everyone was excited, dressed up and loud! I loved seeing the spirit of everyone. I even got into it and I didn't know anyone racing. Keep in mind it was kids running, I think the oldest was like 13. Naturally, I wore purple. So that's who I ended up cheering for, and I found out the next day, they won the whole thing!!!! Haha!
I got to meet the principal's kids, who were so sweet, and she even introduced me to the Premier of Nevis!! Wow! I grabbed a picture for sure!

It was an awesome day! I was proud of myself for going by myself, and meeting new people. Some very passionate people mind you, and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Of course I was thankful the principal was with me. She knew what food to get. I had some doughnuts and some popcorn which were delicious!! The track was all grass, and the lanes were separated by spray painted lines and one thing I noticed was most of the kids ran in bare feet. Which then I found out, they aren't really supposed to because if they compete with other islands, they have to wear shoes. I love running, but man these kids are fast! I need to get in better shape if I want to do the Nevis half Marathon in the fall lol. 

This is the view from the school I am at. I went there in the morning of race day and it looked like it was going to be rained out. But the weather changes on a dime here  so it was okay. 

Premier of Nevis: Hon. Vance W. Amory

The track!

Mascot for one of the schools! A chicken! 

So many people!!

Good Friday came, and poor Kyle doesn't get a break from class for holidays. So he had school on Friday and he does on Monday as well. But anyway, I was able to live stream the church service from Portico, which I am so thankful for! It's great being able to have a little piece of home with me! Technology is awesome :) 
The SLP from the school that I am at, who is from Texas she was telling me about this Kite Flying competition that happens on the island. I did some research and found out it's an Easter Tradition here. It was the 5th annual competition. She told me to check it out, so luckily Kyle finished class early so we were able to go. It was at a school that I had never been too. It was up in the mountain with quite the view. The field is called "The Flat", which when you see pics you will know why. It's more a family thing, because you bring your own kites and fly them around. They have prizes for best looking kite, largest kite and highest flying. We didn't stay the whole time because apparently the event goes all night, but I loved seeing everyone come together and it was great to meet more people and explore new areas. There was lots of food, music blasting and lots of cool kites! It was a fun afternoon! 
A great view of Mount Nevis from "The Flat"

This is the school, which looks more like a church. It's pretty big!

"The Flat"

Try to find the kites!

Alright so we have been having this issue with our fridge. It has been leaking inside randomly. We have emailed the landlord a few times, but Friday night it started leaking like crazy and I had enough. Kyle emailed again and someone came in the morning. Well it was huge ordeal! We had to clear everything out of the fridge and freezer. Well it's not exactly cold here, and everything started to melt instantly. Luckily there was an apartment that isn't being rented out, so we took all the food and put it in that fridge while ours was getting fixed. The guy had said it shouldn't take long...except he didn't really know what was wrong or how to fix it. However he figured it out, it just took awhile. He also made a big mess in our apartment. Water was all over the floor. He had even talked about having to get a new one, but I was thinking I hope we don't have too! Who knows how long that could take here :P But everything was put back together, and so far so good. At least it allowed me to clean out the fridge/freezer haha
What a mess!

This morning we streamed the service again from Portico. I seriously love being able to lay in bed and still feel like I'm there! We then went to an Easter brunch at one of the restaurants on the island. We even got a little dressed up, it was really nice! We went to Yachtsman Grill. It is expensive..ended up being around $90 CAN!! For Brunch! Haha. But Kyle got some delicious bacon, so he was happy. We even sprang for dessert, lol but Kyle was a little disappointed that his chocolate cake cost 10 US and is definitely not the size of slices like back home lol. But it was just nice to go out. Kyle hadn't been there before, and he got to see what some of the tourists are like around here bahaha. It is quite comical. These rich folk coming down here and bringing a bunch of kids who I'm sure could care less where they play in the sand, and won't even remember coming here by next year. Then you have the other tourists complaining about the service and quality of food. I mean come on! We heard some ladies talking to a server for a good 15 minutes saying how they can't believe they used the same Easter menu as last year. Oh my! What a scandal!! Sigh... oh my favourite part was hearing her say that they should put a side of tomatoes on the menu, she would much prefer I was literally shaking my head. I didn't let it ruin my meal though. I thoroughly enjoyed my quiche, so I was happy. 

Tomorrow is the Easter Dinner provided by the school, so I am hoping I will be able to get some turkey and stuffing! 

Well I have to start some homework. I have my biggest assignment due this week. I am kinda glad the schools have a two week break here so I can focus on school and get back into running. It's been awhile since I have done that. It's hard to do it everyday with working and school. 

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend! We wish we could have been home to celebrate with you! 
Happy Easter from the Rhinds :-)

Miss you!

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