Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Not So Exciting News

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for staying tuned. Unfortunately I don't have any exciting news... :( Here is the story...

We were renting a car with another couple on the island, and about a week ago, they decided they wanted to buy their own car. They had crunched some numbers and just thought it would be better for them. Cool. But now Kyle and I were kinda confused on what to do. Should we buy? Should we keep renting? 350 a month x 26 months...I mean that's a lot of money you don't get back, where as buying your own car at least you would get some money back. When we first came here, we didn't know what to expect in terms of transportation, but if I am going to be working it's best if I have a vehicle. So we saw an ad from a professor at the school selling his 98 Honda CR-V. We do love our Hondas :). So we thought we would try to get that car. We saw the car, went for a test drive. Considering the year, and the condition of the roads around here, it was pretty smooth. Aside from a few mechanical issues that we found out later were pretty inexpensive to fix we decided to make an offer. 
Poor Kyle, we were dealing with all this over the weekend while he was trying to study for exams. His exams were yesterday, and his chemistry one didn't go as well as he had hoped :(. He still did well, he was just hoping for a better mark considering he spent most of his time studying for that class. Anyway, after his exams we went to go make the offer. I mean the guy could have told us over the phone he already had an offer (which was higher than what we said). He then told us he just wanted to hear what our price was. ?!?!?! Seriously. I don't think that's how bartering works. Anyway, so no car for us :( We decided that it's just not the car for us, and that a better one is waiting somewhere. 
It was kind of a crappy day for Kyle, and then some of his friends backed out for dinner plans last minute, so instead we decided to pick up some Chinese Food. There are 3 Chinese restaurants here. I had been to one and didn't really like it, so we went to the one called Younge's. The prices are pretty comparable to Canada, however the portion sizes are considerably less :( So there wasn't much for left overs which I usually love! We got sweet and sour chicken and Kyle loved it, so that made up for the bad day. We then watched the final Lord of the Rings movie. I finally finished the books!! Woohoo! However the extended version of the movie is so looooong!!! Lol. 
Anyway, that's the car story. 

Work for me is going well. I am seeing some big differences in the child already. I just wish I had more resources and materials out here. I did meet the Speech Pathologist yesterday. She is from Texas and moved to the island in October. Her boyfriend is actually from Montreal and works at the Four Seasons Resort. So that was fun! She has some experience with ABA, so we are hoping to work together and figure out a way to get PECS going for some of the kiddos. I am also hoping to start a social skills group for some of the older kids at the school. There are a few boys who display your typical boy behaviors, however they take it a bit to far... haha. Hopefully I can work on that with them. I feel like I have so much to do for this school, just no time to do it!!
Just think, a few weeks ago I was saying how I don't do much around here except run and cook. Well, I haven't run in awhile, and I am up early printing out stuff for the school. I also have been writing papers for my course on top of that! I'm keeping up so far, and the special needs school has a two week break for Easter so I will be able to catch up on my coursework then. But then the in-laws are coming for a visit!! I'm excited for some company that aren't island folk haha. The change will be nice. I am trying to think of some activities to do while they are here. Hopefully we will be keeping busy. 

Kyle only has two more weeks left of his first semester! Yippee!! We are hoping to go to St.Kitts and catch up on the movies we have been missing out on! The struggle is real guys :P

So it has been 3 months of living here and I really feel like I am getting accustomed to the island life. I was just saying to Kyle the other day, we do hear a lot of negativity from some people around here, but I feel like I have been doing well with staying positive. So the car thing didn't work out this time, but we will get one. So the power goes out for 5 minutes. No big deal. So our fridge is leaking... (okay that's a little annoying). Haha, but I am pretty proud of myself for being able to find a job here, keep up with school, still manage to cook every night and work out here and there. This experience is really going to prepare me for when we come back home and I have to go to work full time. Speaking of home...June 15 I'm there!!!!!!!!!!! We found a really sweet deal, only 200 bucks!! So I will be home in June and Kyle will come back in August. That will be hard for us, and I will miss him for sure, but we have done long distance before and survived. Plus, nowadays time flies!! Can you believe April starts tomorrow!!??!?! That is crazy to me!! My method of working through this experience in chunks has really paid off. Just 3 months until I come home. 

So that's the update. You guys are lucky, 2 blog updates in one week ;) With the job now, things are busier for me, but hopefully I can still keep you informed as best as I can. Tomorrow there is a track and field day for the schools here so I am going to that. Should be fun! I am learning a lot about the life here from all the teachers at the school. I am finding out where to buy "fast food" here, who the good mechanics are, meeting new people etc. It's been great so far. I am learning you just have to ask (which is hard for me to do) but I am breaking out of my shell and making it work. :) 

Alrighty everyone, that's all for now! Sorry no pictures today :(

Miss you!!

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