Sunday, 15 November 2015

Searching for a Caribbean Christmas

Hey Everyone,

I am so sorry it has been a while since I have written. I have been hearing from some friends and family that I am a bit behind on my updates!! Things have been super busy over here. I am still writing, just not for my blog. I have been writing school papers! This class has been a lot more work. It is still easy, it's just tedious, each week there is a new paper, and then by the time I think about writing my blog, I'm 2 or 3 episodes behind on tv shows, or I find myself by the beach taking sunset pics. Yup, rough life, I know.

Some interesting events have happened here in the last month. Yet another parade. Haha! This one was for the primary schools to celebrate reading! An organization called OneWorld Schoolhouse Foundation designed a Rainforest of Reading Festival. They came to the island and distributed books to all the schools. The challenge was to read 12 books in a month. However, being island time, the program started late and our school managed to get through 4 books. Then each school was assigned a book and in the parade you got to dress up as the characters. It was fun! Even though none of our kids wanted to participate. I was actually surprised they included special education. Usually they forget about our school, and then wonder why we don't show up for stuff!

In other news, I have somehow found myself on the Special Olympics Committee for Nevis! What?!??! I am not quite sure how that happened, it was like a snowball effect, and the next thing you know I have been appointed secretary! For it being an island, and how most things are not done like North America, when it comes to Special Olympics, it is pretty professional. Now, I have never been to a board meeting before but it was so formal, I felt so grown up! Say "I", "call to order" and all these terms I have never heard of. To the point where I was googling how to take minutes at a board meeting! So many rules!!! Anyway, this new project sounds far... although after the first 2.5 hour long meeting, I was kinda thinking what the heck did I get myself into?!?! I'll definitely have to keep you updated on how this plays out.

So, Christmas is coming! I have started hearing music on the radio, and the school next to us sings Christmas songs in the morning now! It's so cute! However, there are no decorations anywhere :( I was under the impression that the Caribbean goes hard core for the holidays. I mean schools are out on December 4th! We get an entire month off! I asked some of the teachers why this is the case, and they told me they used to go all out, but due to financial reasons people can't afford to put up lights and fancy decorations. Plus the schools do get out so early, many of them don't see the point. This makes me so sad. I love walking around and seeing all the different decorations, it just makes me smile so much. It really makes me appreciate what I have back home. That Kyle and I are able to put up a tree. I know it's not all about the decorations, trust me. I don't want to start that debate... #redcup  #whocares :P It just gets me in the mood and spirit! I mean come on, with everything that has happened over the last few days, don't you think we should be able to do something positive??!! Maybe I am being naive, but people grieve in all sorts of ways, and if I am going to be excited about the fact of seeing Christmas lights, instead of watching CNN spill their speculations over and over again, then why not? My wish this season, is that even if you can't afford a tree or lights, that you can still find happiness in whatever way you can. Whether it's singing out loud for all to hear, or just simply saying Merry Christmas to someone. There is so much negativity around this season and it saddens me that we have lost sight about what this season is truly all about. Especially living here, and seeing the poverty and the issues the children have to deal with here, and then I see people up in arms about a red cup, or media not showing all the bad in the world. Our first question should be, why isn't the media showing the good in the world?

Anyway, Kyle is doing well with his classes. He had another exam last week and did amazing! (Even after pulling an all -nighter). We both cannot wait to come home though! Kyle needs a break from his classes for sure, there has been a lot of politics lately, and it sounds like it is just getting annoying. Only a few more weeks left though!

We have also started to play volleyball twice a week. A Mexican restaurant called Dos Gringos added a nice beach volleyball court, and was looking for people to play! Through my connections at school, word got out and so Kyle and I have gathered a few people and we have been able to get a few good games going. It has been awesome, Kyle is able to get out of the house for a bit and get some great exercise too!

The weather has also started to cool off, finally! We have had some pretty intense rain storms. It makes for really bad mosquitoes, but at least I am not sweating as much! The tourists are starting to arrive again. The restaurants have opened back up, and there is more traffic on the roads. It then makes for the locals to think I am a tourist, which I don't like because they treat them differently. However, I did meet a family from Scotland the other day. They were here to watch the Nevis Triathlon. 

That's pretty much it for us. I'll post some pics of random things that have been happening around here. Oh yes, one important thing I forgot to mention was that Kyle has been making me watch all the Star Wars movies in order to prepare for the new one in December. He even went to great lengths to set up our inflatable couch again, so I would be comfortable enough to watch... we are now on Episode III. I am still unsure of the whole thing, but he says I need to give it a chance, so that's how I spend my Friday nights now.

Miss you guys, we hope everyone is well!!

These cows were hilarious! Crossing right in front of me on my way to work...they almost made me late :P

Our Star Wars set up!

I'll admit, I don't get much work done on days like this. 

Here are some pics of the parade. Our kids look so thrilled to be there...

But they are so cute!!

I went to another dinner to celebrate American Thanksgiving! So much food! And more turkey! Delicious!

So this is the source of the crazy frog we hear at night! He was sitting at my school and the teachers told me they jump like crazy and stick to you. He looks so harmless!

Beach Volleyball!

My birthday gift finally arrived from my mom! A month late, but it made it! I was in desperate need of hair elastics! Thanks mom!

       Just some beautiful sunsets, that remind me how blessed I am to be able to enjoy this experience. A great reminder that peace can exist... I truly believe that. 

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