Thursday, 5 March 2015

A Little Taste From Home

Hey Everyone,

It's been busy here this week! I enjoy having busy days; makes time go by quick and it makes for some great blog stories. Hehe

Monday was my "do nothing" day. I read a lot! Trying to take on my mother's summer philosophy of "a book a day". I was also recovering from the sleepless night before. The wildlife here makes for some interesting stories. We had a cow literally tied up right outside our bedroom window. We had heard him mooing like crazy on Sunday. It was actually pretty funny, until it was time for bed! Poor Kyle had his exams on Monday and the darn cow kept us up all night. I decided to investigate the next day. I had heard some people trying to shoo him away with no luck. I was actually facetiming with my sister as this was happening. I was about to go outside, but then from my balcony I saw a man walking, and he was carrying a bucket. We have a lot of bushes, so I couldn't see clearly. I heard some interesting country music playing, and then everything was quiet...except the cow. So I had enough, I went around the yard and found the cow chowing down on some grass. I noticed he had a rope around his neck and it was connected to a stick in the ground! So the mysterious guy I saw with a bucket must have tied him up. There was also a ton of crap around!! Bahahaha! It was gross actually. I was walking back, and I saw another cow staring right at me! He wasn't tied up though. I didn't know what to do, I wanted to untie the cow, but maybe it actually belonged to this guy, but then I don't understand why he had him tied up right by our apartment buildings? He had never been there before. Anyway, it made for some good pictures. Kyle came home from his exams and he did amazing again! He also told me that someone else who heard the cow mooing decided it was enough and untied the cow later that day. (I think she is a supporter of PETA). All power to her!

Poor Cow all tied up


The other cow missing his friend :(

So now that the cow is gone, and surprisingly the bird has also been quiet the last few days. Let's hope it keeps up! 

Madison and I went to the beach on Tuesday! We are both into reading so it was a great sunny day for that. We went to Pinney's Beach. I hadn't been there since my friend Ashley was here visiting, but it's a great beach. Plus all the locals we had made friends with actually remembered me so we didn't have to pay for chairs! Woohoo!! We chatted to some of the tourists from the cruise ships and one woman was very intrigued by our story of living here. She then went around telling everyone I was her daughter... I guess she was really enjoying her vacation ;)

Wednesday finally came, the day I got to go to St.Kitts and get some STUFF!
Ashley's mom, Sharon and her husband were on a cruise, and they were bringing us some supplies from home. I was excited but also a little nervous because I had to travel alone. However, it was alright! I didn't get too harassed by people and I managed to get connected with them without any trouble. I was so happy to see people from home! I was also surprised by the huge luggage bag they brought for us. It was a little heavy to carry around town for a bit, but totally worth it! We chatted for a bit, then I helped Sharon shop, and then we went to the Circus Grill for lunch. Mr. T took a lot of photos along the way. 
My lunch was alright, I had a grilled shrimp caesar salad. Sharon talked a lot, but that was fine with me, she filled me on what was happening at home, and it made me happy to feel connected. I also got some great cooking advice. 

We found a park. An interesting tree in the middle

A fountain that has no water

View During lunch

When it was time to go, I was sad, but excited to take a look at my goodie bag :) On the way home, I was on a the Sea Hustler ferry. It was more of a cargo looking ferry and I ended up sitting outside on the second level. It made for some great photos!

I love how blue the water looks :)

Home sweet home!

Kyle picked me up in town and we headed home. I immediately opened up the bag, and honestly felt like it was Christmas morning! Haha. My mom picked up the stuff for us, and my sister Kylie, so thank you guys soooooo much!! Kyle and I really appreciate all the work you went through! There were some clothes for us, a couple of movies, sunscreen, peanut butter, I now have some baking needs and a proper pan! Kyle got a lot of chocolate and I even got some skittles :) We are very happy with our care package. Oh and I also got textbooks haha. 
New clothes! Thanks Kylie!!

You don't realize how much you miss this stuff until you are in a new place. All of the stuff we could have picked up here, but it would be three times the price, and at that point we would just go without. So it is nice when family and friends help you out. So we enjoyed some of our treats last night. 

Today we had our weekly grocery shopping day. I drove today, and I am starting to get a lot more comfortable. It's an added challenge when the speedometer doesn't work. Makes for a fun game of guess your speed. We also had a little issue with one of the windows getting stuck and not rolling up all the way. Luckily no one stole the car ;)
I also called the Department of Education for the 4th time and I finally have an interview tomorrow! Woohoo!! I am excited and nervous! I am also stressed about finding the place. The instructions I got were a little confusing, this place doesn't have an address that I can just look up on Google Maps - there aren't really any street names. Hopefully I can find it okay tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I also have to change my phone number again. Apparently the SIM card I got in my first week doesn't allow for free calls/texts like Kyle's phone. I do have the right SIM card now, it's just being a little weird and not letting me iMessage anymore :( Hopefully I can get it worked out soon. Rather, hopefully Kyle can get it worked out soon! I am so thankful for his techy skills :) 

Anyway, that's all for now. I was watching tv today and I heard that today was supposed to be the last big snow fall for you Canadian winter folks! Hopefully it's true!!! The sun/heat is where it's at! 
Miss you all!!

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