Sunday, 1 March 2015

Marching On!

Hello March!

February actually flew by! I can't believe that March is here already. Kyle and I both agreed that time is going by a bit quicker. My first course is wrapping up, and Kyle has his 4th set of block exams this week. Only 2 more then his finals!

Not much happened this week. I did my weekly grocery shopping. Madison and I struggled last week because of the elections there was a dairy and chicken shortage! Haha, but we managed to get it all this week. I also finally got an IGA shoppers card!! I have been waiting for one since we moved here 2 months ago. My first week here they said, oh yeah we will get them next week...2 months later and I finally have one. It's very exciting to start collecting grocery points, especially since I go at least once a week. That honestly made my day. It's the small things that amuse me nowadays. 

Kyle and I are also very excited because we have Ashley's mom bringing us some much needed STUFF this week as she is going on a cruise that stops in St.Kitts. I can't wait for more shampoo and deodorant lol. So I will be meeting up with her on Wednesday. Unfortunately Kyle will be in class, so I will be traveling alone for the first time to St.Kitts. Should be good times :)

We also managed to rent a car this week! Madison and her husband Jon, they were renting one but it was finished on Friday, so this month we decided to split a rental. We will see how it goes. I think it will be good. I was able to contact a guy named Tony, which we have heard great things about him. So we got licenses and then met Tony's wife downtown on Saturday. It cost 375 US for an SUV. Nothing fancy, but the steering is on the right. So that will take some getting used to. The driver's side door doesn't open from the inside, but that is supposed to be fixed on Monday. The only thing we weren't expecting was having to pay a 200 US deposit for the car. No big deal, it just wasn't mentioned once in all my contact with Tony until the day we went to pick it up. 

Tony's wife was really nice, and we also found out about the Caribbean culture, and that on Saturday is the day where you don't cook. You are supposed to go out to eat. She also mentioned that goat's water is a local cuisine that we need to try...I have no clue what it is! We didn't end up trying it, but we went to Sunshine's Bar and Grill for lunch. It is located at Pinney's Beach. I had a burger, it wasn't that good and the service was pretty slow. I think people usually go there to drink not eat. However, our server was pretty funny. I was wearing my Bay Canadian sunglasses, and so he said to us, "so you guys are from Canada?" Yep. "Is that Rob Ford still the mayor?" Bahaha!!! That was the best thing ever! Kyle explained that he wasn't anymore, and then the guy says, "oh so he is still smoking the pipe eh" Then he said they get a lot of famous people from Canada that visit there. "Yeah man, Wayne Gretzky, Paul Coffey and you guys!" Haha!! He was pretty awesome! I love how Ford made it to the Caribbean news. 

After that laugh we headed home, and Kyle studied and I did a bit of homework.

Today was really busy, wrapping up all my program stuff took a long time to finalize but I'm done! Wohoo, now I get a 2 week break from school. Madison is also done her course too, so we are hoping to hit up some beaches this week :)

I also drove the car today. It was very strange driving on the other side of the road, and having the steering on the right hand side. Takes some getting used to that's for sure, but we made it safely to best buy and back. It was Kyle's first time there, he picked out the cookies and chocolate he wanted haha.

Not much else is happening around here, it rained today, but we got to see a nice rainbow from it. Sorry though, I wasn't able to get a picture because I was driving. Also my phone is dumb and is so full, so I can't take anymore pictures. I think I have to delete some songs. 

Anyway, I hope you all have enjoyed the first day of March!

This is at the Sunshine Bar. So sunny...

Our car for the month! It drives from point A to point B. That's all that matters!

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