Sunday, 29 March 2015

Work Life for the Nevis Wife

Hey Friends!!

What a busy week for me! I started my "volunteer" position at the school this week! I was so excited and nervous. I am starting out as a volunteer until the work visa gets processed, so I had to fill out more paper work for that. Luckily I was able to get it all done so I could get started. 
The first day was pretty overwhelming. I basically spent the entire day with my client by myself! The principal left me to do what I wanted, get to know her, get comfortable with the routine of the school etc. So I pulled out all the tricks I have learned and started to get to work. It was crazy to think that I am sort of my own boss for the time being, trying to come up with programs for the client on my own and implement them. Adapting to the resources they have, and making it the best I can. I still check in with the principal, but she is a busy lady! She trusts my judgement and any programming stuff I make sure to run it by her first. The other teachers don't have an ABA background, so for now I am trying to model some behaviors for them. I still have to build up their trust because they have been so used to handling things in their own way, so for me to come in and try and change that I'm sure is overwhelming. So until I gain their trust and respect, I am just making some mental notes about things to work on:) Although I dealt with some behaviors this week, there was nothing I hadn't seen before, and by the end of the week, my client was starting to recognize me. I have been able to get her laugh and I quickly found out what she likes and doesn't like. 

The other teachers are very nice, and the one day I didn't go in they said that they missed me, so I guess that's a good sign! For right now my hours are Mon-Wed from 10am -2pm. I need time to do my school work still, and for all of my work friends out there, they know it can be very exhausting to work with the same client all day. I don't want to over do it in my first week. However when I was talking to the principal about it, she told me she has big plans for me! Haha, so I guess I will be getting busier! For right now though, I am happy with how things went this week. I got to know her, and the teachers, and how the routine works at the school. My favourite part is being able to take her for a break outside!!! We can walk around the school, and they have a nice playground. I also love that right outside I have a great view of Mount Nevis haha. 

On Wednesday, I found out that there was an agricultural fair happening, and the kids were all going to go on Friday. However, my client wouldn't be going because she has some behaviors and they just don't have enough staff to put a one to one with her. So I volunteered to go because I didn't think she shouldn't be included. It was pretty awesome! The fair reminded me of back home of some farmer's markets and craft shows at the cottage. It was pretty fun, although they had a section where you could see some animals, but all the animals were ones you see on the side of the road on a daily basis. That made me laugh a little, but the kids seemed to enjoy it! My client did really well, considering there was a lot of standing and waiting, but she was a trooper! 

Over the weekend I got some paper work together so now on Monday I can hopefully start some programming with her! I'm pretty excited! There are a lot of changes that can be made at the school that will help these kids, but for now I am hoping to start with this client and getting her to sit appropriately in her own class. :)

So I had an awesome week at the school, I had a nice long skype chat with my work friends, and I booked my flight home!!!!! Oh and Kyle has been studying all weekend getting ready for his second last set of exams for the semester! I will be coming home mid June, so mark your calendars people!! 

Anyway, there may be something exciting happening tomorrow, so stay tuned for another blog update :)

Here are some pics from the Agricultural Fair. Sorry for the quality, I was also holding my client's hand so she couldn't escape ;)

And this week I made some homemade guacamole. My first time ever! Shout out to my friend Dalia for the inspiration!! Miss you girl!

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