Saturday, 3 January 2015

Beach Day!

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone is having a great 2015 so far! 

I know many of you are getting hit with some snow right now, so I thought it would be a great idea to post about our first beach day! Haha...sorry, I couldn't resist. My sister sent me a pic today, and I really don't miss it all. :) 

You are welcome to come visit anytime!

First off, thank you so much for your amazing support with my blog so far. I have received so many awesome comments from friends and family, it's been great to hear your feedback! I'm glad that we can stay connected. 

So yesterday, Kyle and I decided to try and find a beach. By looking at the maps online, Google says there is one close to the school that we should be able to walk to it, and when we talked to some locals they said it's only about 20 min. Perfect! We packed up a bag, water, snacks, and towels. Loaded up with sunscreen, and headed out.Well...about 30 min later we saw a sign for Herbet's Beach. Yay! It was hot, and I was ready for some sand and water. There was a long path that took us to the beach, and we were met with a nice breeze, and some rocks... There was some sandy parts, but it just wasn't what I was expecting. I wanted to find a place that I could easily get to on my own and do my reading for school in a pretty comfortable spot. However, people were in the water, and the view was still breath taking. 

Our first Beach Pic! Yay...hopefully my tan will be better in the next one! :)

We decided to walk up the beach a bit to see if we could find another beach called Nisbet Beach. Apparently a lot of the students hang out there and they have a restaurant that is open to the public. It is a resort as well, so I was hoping this beach would be a bit nicer. 

It wasn't a far walk to that beach and there was a lot more sand! Yipee!! We found a place in the sand and put our towel down and hung out for a bit. My goodness!! So awesome, toes in the sand, just relaxing. I could definitely picture myself here ready a textbook and what not. It was a far walk, and Kyle reminded me to drink lots of water and bring extra because it was quite warm. (Not complaining though, I love the heat!) There was a restaurant, but we didn't end up eating there, we just wanted to check out the location first, get used to the proper beach protocol fist. There were some beach chairs, but again, not sure if we are allowed to use them or if it's just for the resort members. Here are a few pics.

Kyle just relaxing before he has to hit the books! 

This is the view from behind the beach

I could get used to this

Beach selfie!! (With some crazy hair)

Once we decided it was time to walk back home, we had a long walk ahead of us so Kyle and I took a few minutes in front of the resort brushing off our feet because we had sand everywhere and it would be an uncomfortable walk home. However just as we were finishing up, a bus stopped by and asked if we needed a ride. Thank goodness! (I wasn't really looking forward to the 40 min walk back home) So we hopped in. First time I have been on a bus and he stops at a gas station to fill up. Haha I love it. We were a little confused on how much to pay the guy, it was only about a 5 min bus ride home, and when Kyle asked how much, he had said 5 EC, but then saw Kyle had an extra dollar and kinda gave him a look like "yeah I'll take that too." So we did, but Kyle was very confused on how much we need to pay the drivers. It will take some getting used to I guess. We will have to clarify more I suppose, is that 5 for each, or for one? We will have to talk to some other students and see what they say. 

All in all, I would say it was a successful beach day! I feel comfortable enough to go to the beach alone while Kyle is in class, and I'm hoping to meet people as well who will go along with me. When we went to bed that night, Kyle saw on the Facebook group for MUA January 2015 that someone had posted asking if anyone wanted to go to Nisbet Beach just around the time we got back. We had just missed that! Oh well, another time hopefully!

I made fajitas for dinner, yum yum!

Today we went for a walk up the hill from our place a little bit. Kyle had read about a church that might be good for us, so we thought we would see how long of a walk it was. It only took about 10 min and on the way we met some locals who were all very friendly and greeted us by saying "Good afternoon". Even some of the kids, it was so cute! So I have to give a shout out to my mom who told us that before we left, and Kyle has become very good at saying that to people we meet. It does take some getting used to that's for sure. Here is a pic from our walk. Kyle says people will think it looks like Hamilton, haha but it's still nice. 

So we still have yet to meet some other students, we have seen a few people come and go to our building, it's just hard to make that initial introduction. However Kyle found out that I'm allowed to attend his orientation on Monday, so hopefully then! I'll keep you posted for sure!!

Thanks again for your awesome feedback! Miss you!!

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  1. great reads so far!

    i know kyle has gorilla arms but there are these things called 'selfie sticks' which i will try to get for you :)

    couldn't find much info about st kitts& nevis, or i didnt look hard enough. there is some info on wikipedia about public transportation. no sources though but you could be it! source: i live here.