Monday, 5 January 2015

Meeting New Friends!

Hey everyone,

I have had a busy couple of days, so I am just catching up now! This post is about our adventure into town yesterday, and I have another one about Orientation Day. So check it out, I have some photos posted as well :)

Sunday January 4, 2015

We went into town with some people yesterday. I was starting to feel a bit stir crazy, we have been here almost a week, and I have felt kinda cooped up in our apartment lately and told Kyle I was ready to meet people, so he checked the Facebook group he is apart of and luckily someone posted a message!

The one guy was asking if people wanted to head into town. Now it was a Sunday, and some people were saying that not much is happening and that cabs and buses weren't running. Which I have read that, so we starting walking towards Nisbet and managed to grab a bus to take us into town. We also saw lots of taxis and buses, so I guess they do run on Sundays. The town was really dead compared to when we were there last week. It seems like they take "day of rest" pretty seriously. We drove by some churches and they seemed busy. 

So some of the people we met were a married couple who live in the building next to us. From Minnesota, the guy is attending school, and his wife is along for the ride. Yay!! Hopefully I have a new friend! They are close in age to us, and she is also writing a blog too :) 

Another couple from Dallas Texas, they are a bit older, and have 3 kids. The wife is attending and the guy is going back home in a couple weeks. 

Then 2 single students,one from New Brunswick. He is also in the pre -med program, everyone else is starting med 1.

So we made it to town and walked around, the other students needed to get groceries. We learned that Kyle and I had it pretty good coming to the island early. The other young couple had to get there stuff that they shipped, so hopefully they can get it tomorrow. 

We also talked about the bank situation with the guy from NB and he seemed to have a very similar experience with TD so that was interesting. For the most part everyone seemed to be in the same position as us, seeing that the island isn't very busy right now, wondering where people are and trying to figure out ways to get around on the island. 

So since the town wasn't that busy, nothing was really open so we walked around and managed to find a restaurant near Pinney's Beach. It also started to rain on us. Which I was not prepared for, luckily being the Caribbean it only lasted about 5 min. So we headed into "Seafood Madness" and I had fish and chips and Kyle was able to have bacon cheeseburger. Yay! The food was awesome, he even got real gingerbeer. I had a sip and my goodness did it burn haha. But Kyle loved it. The price for our meals was about 20 US. Not bad. Some of the other students who ate at other restaurants, said this one was the cheapest so far. We then headed up to the Best Buy (a grocery store). Grabbed a few things we needed, luckily for us we had made it to the IGA the other day but for the other students it sounds like they hadn't been out yet. 

I really had a new appreciation that Kyle and I have been able to settle in so well. When talking to some of the other students, it sounds like they had a tougher time getting to the island, and had a few rough nights without food, so I'm so thankful Kyle and I have found it relatively smooth. It was great to chat to some people, everyone seems really nice and we all seem to understand that we are in the same position. 
Here are some pics of our little adventure.

This was just near the the water where the Ferry comes

Walking along the water, so many different flags!

Made sure to get the Canadian flag in the background :)

It's hard to tell, but the little black specs near the water are crabs!! It was also very smelly walking by there haha

The group at Seafood Madness

Delicious Fish and Chips

The other students who are living in the dorms don't have Internet yet so I'm feeling blessed that I can write this blog and keep you guys updated :) 

My next post is about Orientation Day...pretty interesting day that was, check it out.