Thursday, 1 January 2015

Day 2 of Travelling

So we were up bright an early for the next phase of our trip. Miami to St. Kitts.

Checking in took a long time. We waited in line for 30 min, couldn't check in, waited in a different line for another 30 min, then got to the counter for our bags luckily we didn't have to pay again however something was wrong and Johne (the helpful American Airline guy) couldn't print luggage tags for us, so we waited for his manager who was useless, then we had to get the different manager who was more helpful. Total time to process and go through security was 2 hrs. Of course our gate was the furthest away so we had to take the sky train and we just made it on the plane with 20 min to spare. However we were rewarded by having no one sit beside us so Kyle has a lot of extra room for this flight! Yipee. Kyle and I did talk about it and said that it was worth it though waiting in line for so long so we didn't have to pay for bags again. I would do that again, it saved us $150.
Our next step is making sure someone gets us from the airport and that our bags arrive safely. Oh and we get into our apartment okay.
Once we landed, stepping off the plane and into the warm breeze, I was over come by emotion, the heat which I loved, and I started to get more excited. We had no trouble getting through customs and all of our bags arrived safely!!
We stepped outside and someone was there with a sign for MUA STUDENTS.
Really helpful people: Daisy, who drove us from the airport to the boat on St. Kitts. Vincent drove the boat to Nevis. And Charlene (Ahousing coordinator for MUA) picked us up and took us to our apartment. On the way we saw a monkey and the beautiful island and scenery. Cloudy today but the weather was awesome and everyone was very helpful.
Made it to the apartment and Janice helped us out, the landlord. Super sweet. Everything was ready, the bed even came with sheets and she had toilet paper in the washroom- one thing I forgot was hand soap so we are using sanitizer for now. 
I couldn't believe how smoothly everything went from the time we stepped off the plane to when we entered our apartment. We took the water taxi instead of the ferry which I would recommend because it only took about 15 minutes to cross over to Nevis, and with having our luggage and wanting to get there in daylight we thought it was the best option. Daisy called Vincent and made sure he waited for us and because the boat was full, we had to only pay $20 US each for the ride. Make sure to carry some US cash and some EC cash to have when you arrive on the island. 
Charlene picked us up and we got to see the island a bit on our way to the apartment.
Unfortunately we had no way to get to a grocery store, but Charlene said she was going to pick us up tomorrow and take us to one. So tonight's dinner we shared a salad from the airplane and some chocolate. I would recommend grabbing some food from the airport for your dinner, but since we were almost late getting on the plane we didn't have time for that. We managed to unpack all of our suitcases and get settled. The bedroom is very big with a nice wardrobe for our clothes and a dresser. The kitchen has a toaster oven and a coffee maker but it is super tiny. Like fit one slice of toast tiny. Oh well. The previous owner left some textbooks so hopefully Kyle can use them. 
And there were hangers! Which I wasn't expecting. I'm laying in bed right now and I can hear the ocean outside... Now that's awesome. 
I'm exhausted, we will see what tomorrow brings ...hopefully some food. 

Here are some photos from the plane ride.

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