Friday, 30 January 2015

Happy One Month on Nevis

Hi Everyone!

Kyle and I arrived exactly one month ago! Wow! Some of you may think time has flown by...not me lol. Some days do go faster than others, but most days I have found they go by slow, especially weekends. It has been an interesting month in terms of my emotions. Roller coaster ride for sure. I think in week 3 I called my mom wanting to come home. However then she sent me a picture of the snow and that changed my mind quite quickly. I do miss home, I miss my dog, my sister, family, friends, movies, Tim Horton's, Starbucks...I was at the beach the other day and a few of us were talking about the stuff we miss at home and my one friend was like when you go back home, eating a Big Mac is the best thing ever! You end up wanting to eat like 2 or 3 in a row. I responded by saying I hope being here has turned me off of fast food for the most part, I feel like I would get really sick from being away from it for so long. 

Anyway, I have enjoyed the time here so far, I love the weather and the people have been really friendly. There have been some troubles in terms of transportation but we are managing, and I am doing my best to stay positive. It is hard though not being near family, this week especially as one of my good friends lost their mom. I wish I could be home for that, or to celebrate with my friend who recently had a baby. I am thankful for technology though, and I hope my friends know that I am thinking of them!! I was even feeling sentimental and sent out some postcards, that was fun to write actual mail haha! 

Needless to say, Kyle and I have survived a month, and as he would like to point out, only 27 more to go! Yipee!! I am amused by small things apparently.

Not much has happened in the last week, I pretty much exercise, grocery shop, hit the beach at least once a week, nap and watch Netflix. (Thanks Mike!) That may sound all very exciting and relaxing, but it's not all fun. Honestly, I think the hardest part is having to sit in uncomfortable chairs..I want a couch :( Kyle did some research, and inflatable couches do exist!! Maybe we will have to splurge and get one. 

Madison and I went to this local cuisine place called Blessing's.

I had some fish with what they called "J-cakes". It was yummy, but very filling. The J-cakes are basically bread sticks, but it was paired nicely with the fish.

On our bus ride home from the restaurant, this bus actually had stuff posted as to what prices are supposed to be. Interesting!!

Kyle is doing well, he has found it a bit more difficult studying for this round of exams than the last, he has said it's a lot of information all at once, but he is doing well with keeping up. He has another set of exams on Monday so we will see how that goes. He did just inform me that he wishes he could be playing PS4 while watching The Lord of the Rings, and somehow study at the same time. So we both are going through some withdrawal issues. 

My friend Madison was able to rent a car this week, so she took us to a different beach, and it was awesome! It's called Chrishi Beach, and I might even like it better than Oualie Beach. I was able to get a bit of homework done on the beach and enjoy the sights. I must say, my tan is settling in nicely, and no sunburn. However I am running out of sunscreen already, so that stinks because it is very expensive here. Speaking of expensive, spending 20 bucks Canadian on toilet paper...Not fun. I will have to rethink that, we will have to start buying the cheap brand for sure. 

These are the pics from Chrishi Beach. I really liked the set up they had. 

I celebrated being here one month by running outside for the first time! Woohoo, and I didn't get hit by any cars! There were some scary turns though but I was able to get some really nice pictures of the island. I'm hoping to start running outside more, maybe even train for another half marathon, they have one on the island every year.  I do miss that, and the fact that there were no deer flies, or mosquitoes attacking me like I'm used to at the cottage it felt great!

Some pics from my run. It was a beautiful day, and not even that hot. 

So here's hoping that February will bring us some good fun, and hopefully a stress free month. (At least for me anyway, Kyle not so much). We do miss everyone back home and we welcome the emails/phone calls/texts/skype calls/face time from everyone :)

I did some Facetiming with my sister today, and Murphy. Miss him lots! And Kylie too :P

That's all for now everyone! Have a great weekend!

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