Thursday, 1 January 2015

Grocery Shopping Day!

New Years Eve

We were up at 10 and Charlene and her driver picked us up. Kyle asked about shipping items and where we would go to pick them up so Charlene said we will go to the port to see if it was there. Thank goodness Charlene was with us! She knew the right people to talk to. Jeff was our broker, it was a confusing process, you had to get the forms from the office, speak to a broker who then gave you another form to take to the warehouse, then you have to find your stuff, and wait for the customs officer to look through it. He gives you another form and you give that back to the broker who goes and figures out how much duty you owe. It was all okay until waiting for the amount we needed to pay. That took awhile, but Charlene was awesome and helped get people moving, and we ended up only having to pay 20 dollars US. We loaded up our tubs and headed to the grocery store. We went to an IGA. We ended up spending around 350 EC. Chicken was actually very cheap compared to Canada, Kyle and I hadn't eaten much so we bought some pre- cooked chicken and it tasted great. The selection of fresh fruits and veggies was not that great so I'm curious to see where the market will be and what it will look like. But I have to say I'm so proud of Kyle for sticking through the day without eating much. We got home and ate some lunch and then unpacked the bins. It was awesome that all of our stuff was here. After that we kinda just hung out at home. 
Charlene mentioned that more students will be arriving in the next couple of days so hopefully we will be able to meet some people over the weekend. We are both pretty exhausted and took it easy. It was New Years Eve, so I looked up some activities around Nevis, but it was all happening in Charlestown. And since we didn't have any phones yet we couldn't call for a cab. I made it until midnight but couldn't stay up and watch the ball drop in New York (Nevis is an hour ahead of Toronto).
 First time ever that I have missed that! Hopefully over the weekend we will make it to a beach! I'll be sure to keep you updated on that!!
This pic is from behind the school, which is right across the street from where our apartment is

First home cooked meal on Nevis!

This shot is from our back porch. You can see the ocean, I love it!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

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