Sunday, 11 January 2015

Weekend Adventures

First "Block Party"

So Friday was the first party of MUA. It was supposed to be a welcome back party for everyone and it was held at Turtle Bar by Pinney's Beach. We thought we would check it out, Kyle said that he heard it was a great way to meet people... HAHA! 
I won't give to many details, but it's hard to get to know people at a bar...on a beach...after midnight...
It was interesting to go to town at night, not sure how often I will do that though. We are also not sure about going to another one of these "Block Parties". Apparently they happen after each exam which the students have every 3 weeks. Yikes!! Our friends asked us if we wanted a picture of just the two of us and Kyle and I looked at each other and both agreed not... Haha. So I don't have pictures from that night. Sorry guys, it wouldn't have been pretty anyway...I felt like I was back in university. So I'm sure a lot of you understand that... but I guess when all they do is study,  they need a break ??? 

Anyway, my best friend Ashley came into town this weekend! Yay! Our first visitor. I was proud of myself that I was able to arrange a ride for her from St. Kitts with the driver we had when we came in Daisy. One thing I did forget was to give Ashely my address so she could tell the customs people...oops :) but she figured it out haha. She was going to take the water taxi over to Oualie Beach so my friend Madison and I spent the afternoon at the beach waiting for her. Ashley's flight was delayed by an hour and I'm sure if I wasn't laying on the beach I would have been more concerned. So instead I took some selfies :) 
Here are some pictures of the beach, it does have an awesome view of St. Kitts. 

She eventually made it to the island, and being the outgoing type made friends with one of the people on the boat who happened to be a new professor at MUA. He is from Calgary, and had never been to Nevis before so we helped him out a little bit. Unfortunately we weren't able to bum a ride from his driver who works for the school, Charlene, but I did have a bus driver's number from the school, Anthony. He is the best!!! He drove us home from the party the other night and he takes you right to your door. He is an awesome guy to know around here, the couple times I have called him he actually comes early or on time. #islandtime 

We were all so hungry by the time we got back, and Kyle and I have been wanting to find this restaurant called Angie's. We did some investigating and found that it is located above the student dorms near MUA. The three of us and another couple walked to Angie's. It was a little creepy at night but we found it and it was so worth it!! Kyle finally found a great burger!! It was a bit of wait but it looked like she was closing for the night so I'm thankful she let us in. We all enjoyed our burgers, it was awesome. It was only about $12 Canadian for Kyle to get a bacon cheeseburger with French fries and a coke! Amazing!! We headed back to our apartment and the sky was so clear we were able to see so many stars, it was beautiful! 

Ashley brought Kyle some much needed supplies ...chips and chocolate. Haha. 
She also brought the air mattress! Kyle didn't look to impressed about setting it up ...

So our first guest settled in and our plan was to hit the beach bright and early the next day...
We woke up to a nice breeze...and rain...and clouds...and then more rain and sun and then clouds. I was so upset!!! It has barely rained since we have been here and today it actually stuck around!! Ashley was a great sport about it though and so we decided to make an adventure and head into town and get some groceries. 
We managed to get a bus, but we had to walk almost 30 min before one drove by. We went to the bank and then walked to the IGA. Of course, the weather was nicer. It did get pretty hot, I was able to get a decent shot of the volcano on Nevis. 
There were a lot of clouds, but there was a gas station in my way and it looked ugly in front of the volcano. Haha. If you haven't figured it out, I'm not a photographer. 

Getting home from the grocery store kinda sucked. Anthony, our handy bus driver was not available and we didn't really see any buses around. All the numbers I had for a cab weren't working so my outgoing friend Ashley asked someone who works at IGA to call us a cab. So Ozzie came to pick us up, and all I will say is that he knows more about Canadian history than Ashley and I combined!! Haha he was super nice, and gave us some history of the island too. IGA is pretty far from where we live and the cost was $25 US. Kyle said we got ripped off, but Ozzie said we got the student discount. So I don't know who is right. But I was just glad to make it home. So we made steak for dinner with homemade French Fries! Yum!! 
So Ashley and I are hoping to hit the beach tomorrow, and we are hoping to make it to St. Kitts during the week. Ozzie said the best beach to visit is Pinney's Beach. So we will definitely give that one a try too. Hopefully the weather is nicer! 
Good night everyone! 

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